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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Colors Of Summer : Nibbling Away Sunny Mango Salsa & Crisp Papadams



Summers can make palates really versatile.JFrom dawn till noon we crave for soothing dishes sans heat....but as the cool, breezy evening approaches...our spice loving palates start craving piquant noshes loaded with enticing flavors...and this zingy, sour-sweet and sunny mango salsa paired with crisp fried/grilled Papadam nachos have been our most loyal resorts....Whats more? has become a new favorite with guests, gets made within minutes...tastes scrumptious and is a breeze to prepare. The lovely combination of sweet-fragrant mangoes,mint,cumin along with Asian sauces creates a which is hard to beat. So, make some now...enjoy & experience an array of delicious textures and well balanced flavors in every bite.J

Serves : 4 (as a starter/light snack)

Ingredients Required : For the Mango Salsa;

                                           firm,sweet,ripe mangoes
                                           cut into cubes
                                           skin removed and cubed flesh extracted
                                           skinless roasted peanuts
                                           roughly crushed into bits
                                           fresh ripe chilies finely chopped
                                           minced red onion

2 medium sized,sweet-ripe but firm mangoes, cleaned, cut/peeled and flesh chopped into cubes

2 tablespoons skinless roasted peanuts crushed roughly into bits

1 medium red onion peeled, cleaned and minced

1-2 fresh red chili peppers/ ripe red chilies,stalks removed, slit, seeds removed and chopped fine (we use kitchen scissors for easily handling really helps.)

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon green chili sauce (may vary according to preference)

1/2 teaspoon smoky roasted cumin powder (click here for the recipe)

1 teaspoon white vinegar (may vary according to taste)

1 teaspoon sugar (may vary according to taste)

3/4 teaspoon finely chopped fresh mint leaves

salt to taste (use less than usual as soy and chili sauces have added salt in them)

For Papadam Nachos;  4-6 medium sized papadams (Indian lentil crackers) and enough oil to fry them.

Process : For Making Mango Salsa; 2 simple steps : Mix+Let Sit

Take cubed mango flesh in a large bowl made of glass/ stainless steel/plastic (that which does not react with sourness of mangoes). Pour soy sauce and chili sauce into it. Spoon to mix.

                                           mangoes with added sauces

Add rest all ingredients (for salsa) mentioned. Spoon to mix well.

                                           added minced onion and mint
                                           added crushed peanuts and chilies
                                           added cumin, vinegar,salt & sugar
                                           a final mix before rest

Cover and let sit for 20-30 minutes before serving.

For Making Papadam Nachos;

Use scissors and cut each papadam into two halves.

                                           papadam cut into two halves

Next, cut each half again into two halves....this makes 4 equal sized wedges of each papadam. Repeat this process for rest papadams.

                                           papadam wedges

Heat enough oil in a wok over medium. For testing its heat...when you feel the oil is well heated...drop a bit of papadam into it....if it sizzles and fries as soon as it is dropped....your oil is perfectly ready.
When oil is heated as mentioned....turn heat to low...carefully drop a few papadam wedges into it and let fry till they rise to the oil surface and feel crisp (this takes a few seconds). Take care they don't burn. Using a slotted spoon...remove fried wedges onto an absorbent paper to drain out excess oil. Repeat this process for rest raw wedges.Serve along with prepared mango salsa and enjoy a burst of delicious flavors.

                                           a perfectly crisp-fried wedge of papadam can also opt for broiling or grilling the wedges till crisp too.



A From The Blogger’s Keyboard
ü For Mango Salsa

Ø Use ripe but firm mangoes for easily cubing them for salsa.
Ø Use a mixing bowl which is non-reactive to sourness of mangoes…else the salsa does not taste the same.
Ø Using a scissor to slit, scrape seeds and finely chop chilies makes things easier. Wash hands well after handling chilies.
Ø The mangoes we used were sweet and had a hint of tartness…so the amounts of vinegar and sugar used. The amount of sugar and vinegar you use may vary slightly according to the sweetness of mangoes and your taste.
Ø Use lesser salt than usual as soy and chili sauces have reasonable amounts of salt added to them. We used a small pinch.
Ø This salsa can be enjoyed as soon as it is made but tastes perfect after it sits for 20-30 minutes.

ü For Papadam Nachos

Ø Use scissors for easily wedging papadams.
Ø Test the degree of hotness of oil as mentioned. Then lower heat and start frying wedges in batches.
Ø Heat is lowered to prevent over cooking of wedges while they turn crisp. Let fry for a few seconds till fried wedges rise to the surface of oil and are crisp.
Ø Drain them on absorbent paper for removing excess oil.

Ø If you opt for grilling or broiling wedges instead…brush them with a little oil and cook till done,crisp but not burnt.

Happy Cooking & Have A Crispy Good Day!!! JJ