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Friday, 17 April 2015

Vermicelli Payasam With Palm Jaggery...Yum!




Payasam (milk pudding) is easy to make,requires a few staple ingredients and has an absolutely creamy texture all of which make it a favored dessert at home....and when it comes to vermicelli a dessert becomes a matter of minutes.J
Palm jaggery has a unique flavor.If needed you can substitute it with palm sugar or ordinary jaggery (gur) and make this sweet dish.The delightful aroma of cardamom-jaggery-coconut milk,velvety smooth texture of this payasam and sweet,silky strands of vermicelli pasta are convincing enough to make this your go-to sweet treat any day....Enjoy! J

Serves : 4-5

Ingredients Required : Use same sized cups for measuring given ingredients

1/2 cup wheat Vermicelli broken into bite sized bits

1 cup finely grated Palm Jaggery (amount varies as per taste)

1+1/2 cups full fat,pasteurized milk

1/2 cup thick,unsweetened coconut milk

4 plump green cardamoms (choti elaichi) pods extracted and crushed

1 heaped tablespoon ghee (clarified butter) at room temperature

a small pinch salt to taste (optional-but it enhances the taste of this dish)

Desired dry fruits and chopped nuts for garnish (we used pitted,sliced dates,almonds and coconut flakes)

Process : 
                                           palm jaggery

                                           grated finely 

                                           bite sized wheat vermicelli 

                                           crushed cardamom pods

Pour milk,coconut milk into a large enough pan...give a good stir to mix and heat it.When the mixture starts to boil...simmer heat,add grated jaggery and stir until completely dissolved.Turn off heat.

                                           adding jaggery to heated milk mixture

                                           stirred till jaggery dissolves completely

Next heat ghee in a skillet/pan.When it melts....add vermicelli bits and stir to coat noodles with ghee.

                                           ghee heated

                                           it melts

                                           add vermicelli bits

Turn heat to medium-low and cook stirring occasionally till vermicelli turns a few shades darker.Please take care to toss/stir it for even cooking and do not overcook/burn it.

                                           tossed vermicelli in ghee

                                           tossed occasionally and cooked

                                           till a few shades dark

Now quickly pour in the jaggery-milk mixture and stir well to mix.Turn heat to high and let contents come to a boil.Next lower heat,add cardamom powder and a pinch salt (if using) and stir to mix.

                                           poured jaggery-milk mixture

                                           stirred in crushed cardamom and salt

Stir and cook for about 5 minutes longer or till vermicelli is cooked soft and liquid thickens slightly.Turn off heat.

                                           cooked vermicelli in thickened milk

Let this dish stand for another 10 then it absorbs some more liquid and you get a thicker payasam as shown below.


Serve warm or chilled with chopped dry fruits/nuts of your choice.



A From The Blogger’s Keyboard

      ü  Wheat vermicelli pasta broken into bite sized bits makes it easier to be enjoyed in                this pudding.

ü  Tossing vermicelli bits while frying it in ghee is very important for evenly cooking it.

ü  Take care not to overcook/burn them….frying them in a lower heat eases the process.

ü  Stir to mix coconut milk and pasteurized milk well and let it heat before adding jaggery.

ü  Grated palm jaggery dissolves easily.It can be substituted by palm sugar/ordinary jaggery or sugar…the amount of it used varies as per taste.

ü  Stir jaggery-milk mixture till jaggery dissolves completely.

ü  Adding a small pinch of salt enhances the taste of payasam/kheer and other milk puddings.

ü  Pour jaggery-milk mixture carefully into fried vermicelli and cook well till vermicelli becomes thoroughly soft (not over cooked/clumpy) and liquid thickens.

ü  Letting this dessert stand for a few minutes allows the vermicelli to absorb more liquid and give a rich tasting payasam.

ü  This dessert is best served chilled or at room temperature.

Happy Cooking & Have A Sweet Day!!! J

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